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Welcome to today's (secret) GoTo Goodies page

Roger Courville, CSP

Join Roger for an extended 'Ask Anything' Q&A here: 

Welcome, all! Thanks for joining @gotowebinar and me for a fun webinar!

This will only be available until Monday, October 3, at noon. GoToDesignDeliver

The summary handout of the presentation

Check out our latest Blog: 5 Seriously Cool Features in GoTo Webinar

Check out our quick n dirty mic comparison video!

To my knowledge, this is the first and only investigation of its kind - Why people leave early broken out by use case. WhyWebinarAttendeesLeaveEarly

It's aging, but it focuses on skills versus tools, so it's still got a lot of killer usable stuff. TheVirtualPresenter'sPlaybook - Roger Courville

OnlineMeetingTips (and extras like free image sites)

TranslateYourInPersonPresentationOnline_GoTo Webinar_Roger_Courville

For those of you who use GoTo Stage or need to make banners for social sites, this is a .ppt deck that lets you lay it out there (super easy, IMHO).

Other ways to connect

Of course, if I can assist in thinking through webinars and virtual classrooms, training your crew, or even being a moderator/emcee, holler anytime.

Peace and be safe,


P.S. How else would you like to connect?

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