Simplify ACET Cybersecurity Exam Preparation

Simplify ACET Cybersecurity Exam Preparation

ACET Collaboration Portal™, developed by the Redstone Consulting Group, provides a cloud-based platform that consolidates work into one place, enforces a tailorable workflow, enables role-based access and progress tracking, and secures the electronic storage of supporting documents via Virtual StrongBox™.

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Featured Speaker

Steve Powers
President and CEO

Steve Powers is an executive with more than 30 years of business and technology management experience spanning several industries. He has developed multiple lines of business and successfully managed profitability, sales, service delivery, custom application development, technology deployment, IT operations, and IT support for clients and internal operations. His undertaking of progressively more challenging roles in business and technical management culminated in a role simultaneously leading Transportation, GeoSpatial, and IT Services business units. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and MBA with a concentration in Management Science from Michigan State University.