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"At V2, our strength comes from taking a zero-failure mentality towards every event we produce. This laser-focused attention to every detail may sound cliché, but it is the reason some of our highest profile clients have been with us well over a decade."

Aaron Cole
Co-founder, CEO

You know the story. A couple people get tired of the "keep it all inside the lines" pressure of a big company trying to squeeze customers into a box and hire cheap talent to serve them. They know there's a world of customers who value experienced, quality service they can trust.


And Virtual Venues is born in 2009.

But our story goes back further than that. The first company anywhere in the world that formalized virtual event production was right here in Portland, Oregon in the 1990s. Some of our employees were there, and most come from that legacy.


Here's what it means to you:

We now live in a mecca of talent in Portland, but we now also get to hire the cream of the crop talent wherever they are. It means our team boasts multiple people with decades of individual experience serving leading brands with mission-critical events. As of May 2022, our executives and program managers bring you 162 years of experience with webinars, virtual, and hybrid events!

Additionally, it means that we've learned our sweet spot and how to stick to "our lane." We don't make tech, we service clients. We're big enough to handle big, amazing brands, and we're small enough to keep it agile and personal (that 162 years of experience isn't spread over hundreds of employees!).

Finally, for executives who need a trusted team to handle webinar, virtual, and hybrid event production details, Virtual Venues is a team of technical event professionals that save you time and worry with a single point of contact -- a program manager who helps you strategically delegate and rebalance your workload. Unlike using internal staff, we coordinate a team professionals, processes, and technologies for each phase of your event or program. 

What's that mean for you? We like to think we help you "promote" your staff by letting them focus on that which only they can do uniquely for you. Trust Virtual Venues to know your goals and help you get there.

A Few More of Our Clients

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SC Media 2.PNG
7 Knots Digital.JPG
"Executing our three day virtual medical education conference requires a rare type of production partner. One who is willing to learn the detailed nuances of our program, to collaborate and curate memorable learning moments, and to be a thought partner helping us continuously improve our conference’s execution. V2 is the only company we’ve worked with that meets our standard."
Lisa Khan, M.Ed.
Director, Patient-Centered Mental Health in Pediatric Primary Care Program
The REACH Institute

"It’s a team we don’t take for granted, and we know we are getting the same five or six people each time. They know us and how to support us."

Brad Rollin

"Virtual Venues really raised the bar for our most important event. The presenter preparation was detailed and methodical (but fun!), the V2 moderator was very engaging, and our attendees gave us great reviews. If you need to find more hours in the day, you can trust them to deliver with professionalism and creativity."
Fran Simon, M.Ed.
Chief Engagement Officer and Founder
Engagement Strategies
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