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Join V2, LLC

At Virtual Venues we work with the biggest and fastest growing companies worldwide, particularly in sectors like financial services, legal, healthcare, and manufacturing. We're big enough to handle Global 100 clients, and small enough to keep it personal and responsive.


Importantly, we don't take every deal that comes our way -- we only work with clients that are a win-win fit for all involved. Consequently, we're not looking to scale our organization with entry-level talent -- you'd be joining a team with a combined 162 years of experience in the virtual and hybrid events business.

Do you have specific experience with enterprise-level virtual or hybrid events? Or expertise in a specific industry sector? Or multi-media production experience?


Shoot us a note and tell us why you think we should chat:

Why Work at V2?

Services organizations have to make a choice: find cheap labor and scale or find unique talent and be a boutique to clients who value trust, knowledge, and experience. V2 is all about growing people by growing trust, knowledge, and experience.


Nothing will challenge you like a chance to balance being independent and part of a team. Our team is daily learning together the idiosyncrasies of webinar and virtual event platforms. But you'll also become the point person for key accounts that will test your ability to know the client's goals and translate that into successful execution.

Key Benefits

  • Make a real difference in a "people first" organization -- both for clients and teammates.

  • Work on the bleeding edge of continual changes in webinar, virtual and hybrid event, livestreaming, and related technologies.

  • Work remotely. 100% of the time if you wish.

  • Be part of a tight team who takes supporting each other to an art form.

  • Paid time off, health insurance, 401K contribution matching, and more.

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