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8 PowerPoint Tips for your Webcast Presentation

  1. Simplicity is key. Don’t over do it with tons and tons of text. Your slides should be an addition to your presentation. You shouldn’t be reading off your slides verbatim.

  2. Limit bullet points & text – images and charts are more powerful when telling your story

  3. Here’s a biggie – limit your animations, transitions, and builds. Too many of these can be overwhelming and cause you to get off track. Also, some transitions and animations may not translate well to your webcast platform, depending on what you are using. Always check with your producer on best practices.

  4. Use high-quality images

  5. It’s great to have a theme and company template to incorporate. Avoid using the PowerPoint Templates.

  6. Incorporate charts where appropriate, and make sure numbers and text are legible.

  7. When using colors, stick to your theme or your company colors. This makes your presentation more professional and cohesive

  8. Choose basic, clean fonts and keep it consistent. Sans serif fonts are cleaner and easier to read.

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