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Connected Thinking for Learning Leaders | Amanda McGovern, Adjunct Prof & Instructional Strategist

When an American begins a learning and development career in China, and later becomes an instructional design architect and college professor in Portland, Oregon, what does she know that will help you?

In this episode of #ThoughtLeaderConversations, Amanda McGovern shares insights such as

  • Why employees aren’t learning effectively

  • Why subject matter experts (SMEs) often fail to teach and train well

  • How to work with SMEs to elicit and organize knowledge for better learning results

  • The value of trauma-informed awareness in L&D (learning and development)

  • How E&I (equity and inclusion) creates organizational value

  • And more


Series: Thought Leader Conversations

Sponsor: V2, LLC, expert virtual and hybrid event production,

Host: Roger Courville, CSP,


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