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Connection to conversion: Building a webinar program from the ground up | Lauren Sawyer, Webinar Pro

How does an experienced webinar marketer and producer create connection, get attendees to convert, and even use breakout rooms?

Join V2’s Head of Strategy Roger Courville as he interviews Lauren Sawyer, Webinar Program Manager at as she describes starting from scratch and delivering on a vision to do marketing webinars in a very different way. Along the way they talk about:

· The importance of a personal approach to webinars

· What it takes to build trust

· How is using breakout rooms in marketing webinars

· What metrics Sawyer tracks and why

· The role and importance of on-demand recordings (when live interaction is SO important to her strategy!)

· The tactics of how breakout rooms are used to increase engagement

· What you need to plan for to avoid surprises

· When you’d want to outsource versus insource webinar production

· The keys to finding good speakers for webinars

· And more...


Series: Thought Leader Conversations

Sponsor: V2, LLC, expert virtual and hybrid event production,

Host: Roger Courville, CSP,


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