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Create (digital) trust with financial clients | Sheri Fitts

How do financial professionals create more trust with financial clients, maybe even in a digital meeting through a webcam?

In this episode of #ThoughtLeaderConversations the ideas and stories flow deep and wide with Sheri Fitts, consultant, speaker, creator (and Paper Girl of the Year in 1976!). Importantly, Sheri’s long tenure (half her life!) in financial services is evident and her strategies and tactics are on-target when talking about topics such as:

  • The essential starting place for building trust

  • Elements of trust-building unique to financial professionals

  • How the old ways of connecting with financial services clients is transformed by new media

  • The roles of “fear of loss” versus “prospect of gain”

  • The tactics Sheri users to really “connect” via email

  • The no click-bait essential that MUST precede reaching out

  • Thinking WAY beyond the lowest common denominator of “compliance”

  • Six pillars of a full life

  • And more


Series: Thought Leader Conversations

Sponsor: V2, LLC, expert virtual and hybrid event production,

Host: Roger Courville, CSP,


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