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How to Re-Purpose your Webinar Content with Podcasts

Now, you have probably heard the term “Podcast” before, but you may be asking yourself, what exactly IS a podcast? And what are the benefits of creating a podcast? A podcast is a pre-recorded file that can contain audio, video and other forms of content. It can be streamed or downloaded directly by online users, and set to synch automatically with users via an RSS feed. Podcasts were first popular for radio and entertainment purposes, but recently have grown more widespread. Creating a podcast from existing material allows you to breathe new life into existing content that you already have at your fingertips. Podcasts also allow you to distill content down from a longer presentation, allowing you to market to a wider audience.

V2 can deliver this technology to you, and at an extremely effective price. We provide the recording platform, the coaching, and the editing needed to make your content shine. All you provide is the recorded content, or the speakers and presentation material you would like us to use to create the podcast. Whether it is older content, or a presentation designed specifically for a podcast… it’s a smart way to utilize existing resources to communicate to your audience. Have questions about how V2 can help with your next Podcast? Shoot us an e-mail or give us a call – We would love to help!

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