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SimpleCert Is Finally Here!

We are excited to announce the official launch of SimpleCert! That’s right – the answer to all of your  certificate problems is here! Need an easy and quick way to create your certificates? Want to easily keep a list of recipients for those certificates so you can send a customized email with a link to download the certificate at any time? Want to store that data for the future? SimpleCert is the solution to a process that is otherwise unnecessarily cumbersome, forcing you to spend hours of time on endless spreadsheets and mail merges. Let’s face it, you have WAY better things to spend your time on!

SimpleCert is well shall we say….simple to use. SimpleCert gives you the freedom to easily create a custom certificate and email (also called a CertSet), or browse from our CertSet templates. Once your certificate is done, you import your data, customize your email, and send to your recipients, all in one easy to use application. SimpleCert allows you to store all your certificate data in one place, making it easy to re-send  or edit your certificate whenever you need to. Build.Send.Store. It’s really that simple.

If you are in any field, whether it be education, accounting, banking, finance, etc. and you offer continuing education credits or certificates of completion and need an easy way to create and send certificates, SimpleCert is the way to go. Don’t believe us? Sign up for the free 2 week trial and see for yourself how simple it can be. If you like it and want to continue your service, all your certificate data created during the trial will be available on your account. Stop spending all your time sending out certs and creating mail merges! If you have any questions, contact the SimpleCert support team at:, or check out the F.A.Q.


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