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Thought Leader Conversations: 2023 & beyond: The future of webinar & virtual event tech

Aaron & Roger discuss what’s future fantasy versus what might raise your game right now

When it comes to AI (artificial intelligence), virtual reality, augmented reality, and a host of other technologies that will create opportunities both near and far, what’s possible? What’s probable? What is just a bad case of shiny object syndrome?

In this episode of V2’s Thought Leader Conversations series, Virtual Venue’s cofounder Aaron Cole and Head of Strategy Roger Courville balance a look at what could legitimately transform virtual events and webinars with ideas for what is possible right now.

In this lively conversation they touch on:

  • One thing that once would have been considered fanciful that is easily accessible now

  • Numerous parts of the event lifecycle that could be transformed by AI and implications for audience engagement

  • Possible “now” alternatives to tech that will take awhile before it’s mainstream

  • An important distinction to consider when thinking about formal versus informal communication in VR (virtual reality)

  • How adding something special to your virtual event doesn’t necessarily require a lot of money (or everyone owning a new headset)

  • And more


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