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Thought Leader Conversations: 5 questions to ask when considering a Hopin hybrid event

Need ideas for hybrid events? Curious about best practices for hybrid events?

In this episode of V2’s Thought Leader Conversations, Aaron Cole illuminates ideas and best practices for hybrid events in light of unique features and opportunities using Hopin’s virtual event platform.

Topics addressed include:

  • Gamification of the virtual attendee experience to increase a sense of connectedness and community

  • Bridging the gap between onsite and online

  • Hybrid event best practices, including when in the planning cycle to address online options

  • Things to think about when considering speciality service vendors

  • How to adapt interactions and engagement to provide a delightful experience to both onsite and online attendees


Series: Thought Leader Conversations

Sponsor: V2, LLC, expert virtual and hybrid event production,

Host: Roger Courville, CSP,


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