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Thought Leader Conversations: Neuroscience-driven persuasive emails

Donnie Bryant, Direct Response Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

You’ve heard the aphorism “facts tell, but stories sell,” but what if that was only half true? And what is something you can learn right here and now that’ll help you with your next email (regardless of whether or not you’re promoting a webinar, virtual event, or hybrid event)?

Our guest today on V2’s Thought Leader Conversations is Donnie Bryant, a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant who's generated more than $120 million for his clients.

Join us for a casual-but-insightful conversation that includes topics such as:

  • The most essential part of email you need to remember when your intent is to get a response

  • The nature of persuasion and “internal dialogue”

  • What all persuasion efforts have in common

  • The nature of “voice” and it’s importance

  • The story of structure and how to make it work in a B2B environment

  • What’s unique about webinars and why you might approach them differently

  • Thinking about metrics, attendance rates, and utilizing the data more effectively, especially with converting webinar registrants to attendees


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