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Thought Leader Conversations: Virtual classroom design & facilitation

Key pitfalls to avoid with Jo Cook, Founder & Live Online Learning Specialist, Lightbulb Moments Ltd.

Virtual learning classes is potentially one of the most complex forms of instructional design and facilitation. Further, research shows that nearly ¾ of respondents believe their organization could be doing a better job at just that.

The good news is that this episode of V2’s Thought Leader Conversations features Jo Cook who brings decades of experience and passion to helping others create stellar learning experiences onsite, online, or in a hybrid learning environment.

Topics addressed in this conversation include:

  • Results of Jo’s recent research and two key challenges it uncovered

  • What virtual learners expect (and may not be getting)

  • Critical elements of virtual instructor led learning that need to be addressed in planning and design

  • How to apply parts of Cathy Moore’s “action mapping” to virtual classroom/virtual learning design

  • What you have to get right when presenting live online

  • And more!


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