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Virtual Meetings and Webinars – the Solution for Working Remotely

Are you suddenly unable to travel to an important meeting and need to connect? Or perhaps you were in charge of planning an in-person conference that suddenly may be cancelled because some of the speakers or a majority of the attendees are unable to travel? Let V2 help! We are seasoned professionals that have been in the webinar game for over a decade.

Virtual Events and Meetings allow you to connect to your colleagues and to your audiences at anytime, anywhere. With the spreading of the COVID-19 coronavirus, many businesses may be starting to make the shift to allowing their employees to work remotely, limiting the need to travel. Working remotely and using virtual meeting platforms allows employees to stay connected to their colleagues and remain productive during this time of uncertainty.

We can help you manage the setup of your virtual event from start to finish, on the platform that best suits your needs. Just need to connect with some of your colleagues? We can help you set up meetings on WebEx or Zoom. Need to re-configure a large conference with multiple speakers? We can get you on a large scale, branded console such as ON24 or INXPO. We’ll help you set up the event, configure emails, and train your speakers on the platform so you can focus on the content and marketing to your audience. We even can help with webinar archive edits and post event archive registration, so you can drive leads to your webinar after the fact.

In a uncertain time such as this, let V2 do what we do best – focus on all the little event details so you don’t have to.

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