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Webcasting – Creating the Ultimate Company Meeting

It is an exciting time to realize that the broadcasting of a live video feed can be converted affordably to be consumed by viewers through computers, laptops, and now even mobile devices. You no longer need a TV channel or broadcast station to be “live on-air” to reach the masses. Your message can reach those live in your office, while webcasting through an online platform to other employees and offices around the world in HD video quality for a fraction of what it used to cost just a few years ago.

Whether you have one office or hundreds, you can make a lasting impact with a webcast by bringing your employees together like never before. We come to you with the audio and video relationships and the platform production expertise. Be in the forefront of the next wave of global messaging. Don’t just get all your employees on the same page; get them in the same room. This way you can be just as transparent as a small, nimble company. You can instill the same values, goals, and strategy for the future to all departments and regions within your organization. Webcasting allows you to communicate your initiatives to the company’s leadership and employees all at once, allowing you to achieve consistent results.

Webcasting also gives you the flexibility to easily bring together a panel of speakers for a live discussion, with the sharp image and polish that you would see on a TV show or news broadcast. Webcasting allows your industry experts to speak to your audience in real-time and even field live questions while looking and sounding their absolute best.

V2 is all about service to our customers. Our purpose is to make the world a little less stressful by thinking of every online event detail (whether 100% online, or as part of an onsite webcast) so you don’t have to. We envision a world where people remember the message, not the mess-ups. So just relax.

Need help with your next Town Hall or CEO address? Contact Us! We would love to hear from you.

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