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What makes an event services team successful?

A Thought Leader Conversation with Rob McArthur virtual event industry veteran and Founder of What makes an event services team successful? What’s the most common place someone leaves money on the table in their people investment decisions?

When you’re the one responsible for planning virtual events such as webinars, virtual trade shows and conferences, you've probably figured out that labor is a lot more expensive than software.

The good news is that Rob McArthur, founder of, has hired and managed virtual event teams from startup to one of the largest telecom groups in the world responsible for tens of thousands of virtual events.

Join us on this episode of V2’s Thought Leader Conversations for an insightful chat hosted by V2’s Head of Strategy, Roger Courville, CSP where you’ll hear topics such as

  • The single most overlooked human capital expense when planning webinars and virtual events

  • Key considerations for making a build/buy, insource/outsource decision

  • Where virtual trade shows and conferences often deliver substandard results

  • How to improve speaker management to improve audience engagement

  • Working with sponsors and other additional parties

  • And more!


Series: Thought Leader Conversations

Sponsor: V2, LLC -- virtual and hybrid event production,


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