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Why moving Investor Relations calls to an online format increases participation, and saves you money

Here’s a recap of the benefits that can be realized by moving an investor relations or quarterly call to a webinar format:

  1. A Picture is worth 1,000 words, literally: Imagine the difference from listening to a bank SVP or CEO verbally describe quarterly results and earnings, compared to actually SEEING and hearing those results live. It’s the same difference that makes television an inherently better medium to transmit content compared to radio. Empowering your investors with an improved experience will lead to better engagement, and a better understanding of the information you need to convey.

  2. Pick the right tool for the right job: The internet has reset the rules of communication on a global scale. You can capitalize on this revolution by using the same technology that makes Skype, Google Hangouts and Vonage so popular – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) audio technology to stream audio to an attendee’s computer speakers. Practically every Enterprise level webinar platform has the ability to stream an audio signal over the internet to an attendee’s computer speakers. By giving your participants the ability to listen to your investor relations call by either computer speaker or phone, you are providing options that allow people to connect to you with the best possible method for them. Here’s one of the most important reasons to consider making this switch: Computer based audio streaming is FREE. For every person that hangs up the phone and turns up their computer speakers, you are directly saving on telephone costs. That one investor who always calls in from Hong Kong? Free. The investment firm in New York that blasts out your meeting notifications and has everyone dial in individually, versus joining the call from a conference room? No charge, across the board.

  3. Create a Lasting Impression, securely: By hosting your relations call online, you automatically create an archive that can be accessed by investors, securely, at a later date. Providing extended access to your quarterly results increase retention and understanding. With the ability to monitor or “gate” your webinar entrance, you can safely monitor and control who has access to your calls while at the same time gain a much better picture of who accessed your recordings, when they accessed them, and for how long.

  4. Easy to join, easy to attend: Todays’ webinar consoles are not only easier than ever to join, they are also intuitive for attendees who may have never attended an online event before. Some of the best consoles run completely via a streaming signal – aka Adobe Flash, or Microsoft Silverlight. Streaming eliminates any need for an attendee to download or install any sort of software to attend and participate on the event. This is the same technology that you use when you consume almost any YouTube or online video, and helps to ensure an effortless attendee join experience.

  5. Empower your participants: Another great benefit of webinar technology is the added participation abilities for your audience. Providing the ability for attendees to type in questions, or participate in audience polling is a great way to boost engagement and overall retention. Utilizing written questions in a meeting, versus verbal ones that are asked over the phone, will allow you to better prioritize and combine related questions into larger cohesive topics. This ensures that topics of importance are addressed in your meetings in an efficient and effective manner.

  6. Ensure the success of your call: As with everything, working with the right technology and the right people to manage that technology is essential. Make sure you have a quality production team behind you that support you and your presenters, while providing a flawless experience for your attendees.

V2 provides professional webinar and webcasting support for businesses worldwide. Interested in finding out more about how to transition you investor relations calls into effective online events? Give us a call, or shoot us an email. We’d be happy to help.

Aaron Cole V2 | Director of Business Development

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