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Hybrid Events


Hybrid Events include attendees both online and onsite having very different experiences. V2 helps you navigate the complexities, prepare presenters, and create engagement for all attendees.

What’s distinctive about Hybrid Events?

“Hybrid Events” bring together onsite and online audiences simultaneously in a way that enables in-person experiences for those who desire that while also extending your reach to sensitive or remote participants.

What should you consider?

Hybrid Events always include an onsite crew that requires coordination with the virtual team. More importantly, though, consider how you might create audience interaction that bridges that gap so remote participants feel like they’re part of something. This also will likely affect preparation strategy as many speakers speak to who’s in front of them and not the online participants – something that can be addressed with specialized speaker prep or an online production team who can create online engagement along side what’s happening onsite.

How does V2 approach Hybrid Events?

V2 regularly goes onsite to do video acquisition, but we prefer to first consult with you. More often than not, we work with a separate on-the-ground team and add the virtual component. Some clients choose to have us manage registration so that it can accommodate both onsite and online participants. Our first motive is to meet you where you’re at no matter where you are in the process, but the sooner we can be part of the planning conversation, the more we can help you get beyond "pushing content" to "delivering experiences."

Supported tech and extras

Supporting online participants uses a broad range of technologies, many of which fall outside the typical webinar conversation. Every platform we support is advanced, meaning they can all handle, for instance, acquisition of an RTMP video feed. Some like ON24 have special features that enable onsite participants to use their phones for polls and chat (something often solved by using additional tools we select based on your requirements and desired interactions). Custom landing pages or microsites with a video feed embedded are also possibilities.

At a glance...

Potential challenges

  • Need to accommodate participants both onsite and online

  • Need advance understanding of additional complexities (e.g., registration, presenter preparation)

  • Need logistical support between onsite and virtual venues to create engagement in both

V2 solutions

  • Assign dedicated point of contact (Program Manager) to coordinate team of technical event professionals

  • Direct integration and production of onsite and online technologies

  • Coordinates real time engagement and support for online participants

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