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Simulated Live


Simulated Live (sometimes “simulive”) events deliver a pre-recorded presentation at a specific date and time, usually to enable realtime interaction. At V2 we guide clients through a host of nuances in route to producing great videos and maximizing audience engagement.

What’s distinctive about Simulated Live events?

Use of pre-recorded presentation content at a specific date and time enables more than just adding real-time interaction. From a production perspective, you can edit and produce higher quality content than what you may get live, and audiences can still engage with tools like polls, chat and Q&A. From a business case perspective, you can repeat your simulated live events to different audiences without additional time commitments from presenters. You can even blend the use of your Simulated Live Event with Multi-Day Virtual Events that may include a combination of Simulated Live and Livestreaming sessions.

What should you consider?

Several parts of a Simulated Live event are different from a completely live webinar. The video of the presenter needs to be recorded and edited and may include other elements such as titles or slides (and this depends on the platform/software being used).

Note that this could be shot in a professional studio, but a good quality result can even be captured over the web. Your V2 program manager will consult with you on the particulars of this unique use case, bringing an expert eye to help you plan and execute the live event itself, because elements of interaction such as polling and Q&A may need to be delivered differently. As always, it's best to begin with what you desire to accomplish both from a production perspective and a business case perspective. Once that's decided, we'll figure out how to make it sing so you can focus on other things.

Supported Tech and Extras

  • Ability to assist with high-end video production and editing across multiple platforms (e.g.: coloration, adding speaker titles, removing mistakes, adding music or effects, etc.)

  • Production of live interactive audience elements

At a glance...

Potential challenges

  • Need the event to "go live" at a particular time but have a presenter who may not be available at that time

  • Need to incorporate polls, chat, and other tools for real time engagement

  • Need to repeat the same event more times than a presenter has availability

V2 solutions

  • Work with presenter(s) in advance to capture and edit their presentation

  • Design and coordinate engagement strategies into the event and coordinate staffing to manage

  • "Push" pre-recorded assets during the live session to create a seamless audience experience

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