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Special Touches


Have an idea or special requirement? "Special touches" are all the extras that add life and address unique circumstances. Bring us what you desire...V2 will figure out the "how."

Producing engaging live, virtual and hybrid events that meet your goals may involve a lot more than "Zoom." The following list is not exhaustive, but it will give you an idea of the numerous extras we may bring to bear to help your events standout.

Generate personalized certificates

Whether to provide awards, certificates of attendance or completion, or documentation of continuing education credit, V2 can facilitation personalization and delivery of branded, frame-worthy digital certificates to any/all participants via our sister company, SimpleCert.

Additional engagement tools

Word clouds, polls, games, breakout learning discussions and more – Slido, Mentimeter, Kahoot!, and others make tools we’ll help you integrate into your audience experiences.

Special web pages

Need to host a catalog of on-demand content on a site that handles registration and ecommerce? Want a custom landing page to embed your livestream into or that shows off your brand before passing invitees into an event? We don’t let the limitations of webinar platforms stand between you and what you need.

Video/audio production and editing

Increasingly high-touch events desire presenters to be able to present from their office computer but show up with “overlays” that display titles, logos, or other enhancements. They also frequently want to mix in HD-quality pre-recorded video with live dialogue. From “welcomes scripts” turned into custom videos to use of royalty-free “bumper music” for intros/outros, It’s often these special touches that make virtual events stand out.

Social engagement

Virtual dance party? DJ with a “sock cam?” New employee “meet and greet” mixer? These days the line is increasingly blurred between “corporate event” and “audience involement” as the desire to bring social engagement to professional virtual events.

Special accomodations with words

Inclusiveness takes many forms, and not all of those are easily accomodated in a standalone webinar platform. Closed captioning, internationalization, transcription, Section 508 compliance, and/or accomodating real time sign language interpretation may be an important part of your events. V2 will work with you to make sure your reach is simple and equitable for all.

The bottom line

As with everything we do, all possibilities begin with a phone call. We don't charge for up-front consulting -- give us a ring and we'll help you think things through: +1.503.286.3581 or +1.855.286.3581

At a glance...

Potential challenges

  • Want to go above and beyond options available in standard webinar, virtual event, and livestreaming platforms

  • Would benefit from a partner

  • Need to gather and aggregate data over time for regular reporting

V2 solutions

  • Understand needs for branded registration, data capture, etc.

  • Create a user experience that seamlessly integrates all your events, regardless of use case

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