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Webinars (“web seminars”) tend to be interactive one-session events. Most of our clients engage us to be their ongoing production team for series and programs, to make sure "the big one" goes smoothly, to assist with engagement and interaction, and to collate all the intelligence needed for meeting their program objectives.

What’s distinctive about Webinars?

Webinars (“web seminars”) are the workhorses of live, virtual communication – especially for marketing, training, and internal communication scenarios. Webinars tend to be best for maximizing real time interaction and connection because they’re based on conferencing (versus streaming) technologies. For example, two-way audio or small-group breakouts for learning or collaboration is harder (or impossible) with streaming technology. 

What should you consider?

Increasingly audiences expect to be active participants rather than passive observers. Remember that the nature of interaction changes between 15 and 50 and 500 participants online just like it does in an in-person seminar. Finally, scale is important...webinar tech doesn't accomodate really large audiences, so it'd be useful to think through size versus interactivity.

How does V2 approach webinars?

Most of our clients engage us as an extension of their team. Sometimes it's to make sure "the big one" goes smoothly, but more often "the big one" happens in the context of regular, ongoing use of webinars for a variety of communication needs.  Our primary mission as your trusted partner: know your goals so we can anticipate your needs and deliver the right thing at the right time in the way you want it.

Supported tech and extras

Primary vendors include Zoom Meeting, Zoom Webinar, ON24, Webex Event Center, and GoTo Webinar (though other use cases such as Virtual Events also include webinars under their umbrella). Webinars are great at supporting two-way audio that includes regular telephone conferencing numbers, flexible breakouts, closed captioning, transcription, incorporating additional audio or video clips, or even fun interaction tools such as Slido. 

At a glance...

Potential challenges

  • Need maximum real time interaction and engagement

  • Would like audience and presenters to have familiarity with the toolsets they use regularly (e.g., Zoom, GoTo, Webex, etc.)

  • Need maximum options for interactive audience audio, including regular call-in phone numbers

V2 solutions

  • Plan for optimum user experience from registration to recording

  • Prepare presenters, particularly busy executives, with a "just what they need" approach

  • Coordinate and deliver dry run and dress rehearsal sessions

  • Facilitate polls and other forms of engagement

  • Capture and collate registration, attendance, polling, chat, and other conversational intelligence into a concise, usable report

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