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5 Online Meeting Tools That Keep Your Audience Engaged

Whether you are presenting on a large webcast or a small virtual training session, Below are 5 online meeting tools that you can integrate on your next event that will capture your participants’ attention and keep them from multi-tasking behind the scenes– every virtual presenter’s fear when they are presenting online.

  1. Create one or more poll questions – Polls are great for learning about your audience experience level, gathering presentation feedback, and pointing out (asking) something specific about your presentation.

  2. Turn on the Annotation Tools for the audience – Annotation tools keep your audience engaged with their ‘pointer’ and encourage participants to interact with the web conferencing medium and your content.

  3. Breakout Sessions – Breakout sessions are often times used for interactive brainstorming and facilitate this by creating smaller group size. These sessions encourage participation due to smaller groups and a more personal experience.

  4. Use the Chat to have the audience type in feedback during the session – Chat gives the audience a direct line of communication to the presenter. This is key for larger meetings as popular questions and support issues can be addressed one to many or one-to-one.

  5. Share Web Content or Program Applications – If you have a document or application that you want to present to others in the conversation, you can start a desktop sharing session. Desktop share saves time and allows for real time document sharing, editing and collaboration.

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