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5 Post-Webcast Best Practices

1. Hold a meeting post conference. After each webcast V2 makes a habit of breaking out into a sub conference to debrief on how the event went. This allows for immediate feedback on opportunities to improve on future events and offers collaboration insights on the next steps listed below.

2. Launch the post-event survey. Post-event surveys are the first indicator to whether your event was successful. You can use the survey to ask attendees about future contact, inquire about other topics that interest them, or ask them to give feedback on the event they just attended. Surveys are fully customizable so you can ask unlimited questions but keep in mind the longer they are the fewer responses you will get.

3. Post a link to the recording. Since you recorded your event you now have a great piece of content to share with registrants that missed the event or for folks that are interested in the future. Sharing the recording of the webinar gives you the most value for the time dedicated to your event. If you are concerned about miscues you can always enlist a company like V2 to edit them out.

4. Thank you email. Thank you for coming and sorry we missed you emails to all registrants. This is your first line of defense and an olive branch for contact information.

5. Follow-up. Last but not least, is to follow up with attendees. After you’ve reviewed the Attendance Report to figure out who warrants follow up first, plan your follow-up offering for each group of people. Depending on your organization and content these contacts may go into a marketing database like Eloqua or Marketo for sales follow up. In any case send the link of the recording to all webinar registrants. Send more specific information to the people who either asked for it, or implied they were interested. Take the time to customize your follow-up messages by reviewing questions asked or answers provided from each attendee to find out what most interests them.

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