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Boost your Marketing Efforts and Leverage Pre-Recorded content with Simulive Webinars

We work with many presenters who are seasoned webinar speakers and feel super comfortable talking to a live audience, while others may be more shy and timid when it comes to speaking live. With a simulive webinar, presenters can record their content at their preferred time, and can listen to it prior to the live date. Pre-recording allows them to re-record and make any necessary edits, ensuring a smooth presentation free from the stress of live webinar issues that may occasionally arise. There is no need to worry about day of snafus, such as internet connection issues, sound issues, or emergencies that could prevent a speaker from showing up at all.

Simulive webinars are a great way to stretch existing or pre-recorded content in your marketing program. Running Simulive webinars gives you more freedom to schedule webinars at a date and time that best suits your audience and marketing efforts. For many global companies, scheduling speakers that often span different timezones can be difficult and may result in a late night for some!

Many webinar platforms are offering the ability to create simulive webinars that can be played back at a specific date and time. We’ve produced simulive webinars on INXPO and ON24, which both offer great options for creating simulive webinars. Both platforms allow the ability to have live Q&A at the end if desired. Often, speakers will join if able and answer questions through the Q&A panel if a live audio Q&A is not preferred. Just like a live webinar, the attendee console can be customized with branding, resources, speaker bios, and surveys.

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