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Email Subject Lines Proven to Increase Registration on your Virtual Events

To stay true to our motto of trying to “make your life less stressful” we thought we would highlight Some Tips for Writing Email Subject Lines that Work. We like this post as it showcases simple yet powerful methods for getting your emails opened and read. PinPointe also breaks down the Ten Best Performing Subject lines right now that are guaranteed to boost email opens, clicks, and registrations (or sales). You might be surprised that of all phrases “Thank You” according to Adestra’s 2015 Email Subject Line Analysis  gets more engagement (opens, clicks, and sales) than any other phrase. If you pair that with an emoticon or “emoji” that can make your subject line stand out even more, believe it or not!

According to PinPointe, a key tip is to keep your email subjects brief and to the point. Now brief can mean a lot of things to different people. Brief is in fact 6 – 10 words, which research shows is the most effective subject line length. However, most people’s subject lines are in the 11 – 15 word range. Subject lines with 11 – 15 words have average open rates of 14%. Emails with 6-10 word subject lines have an average open rate of 21%.

When creating your subject lines, don’t be too generic. You shouldn’t be afraid to be specific to really capture your desired audience. Even though you have limited space, that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative.

How do you stand out from the crowd? Try to be intriguing. Remember subscribers get hundreds of emails every day. Asking a question, using a famous quote, or humor are great ways to grab their attention.  Also make sure you aren’t too “salesy.” You want to create a relationship with your customer, and that doesn’t happen by sending them emails with sales pitches. Instead, send different types of emails, such as newsletters or whitepapers.

We bet if you incorporate some of these tips into your email subject line strategy, you will see a boost in email opens and clicks, and that will trickle down into increased webinar registration. Once you’ve got those registrants, be sure you are focusing on specific content best practices to convert those registrants to engaged attendees, who will keep coming back for more.

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