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How to Create an Engaging Registration Page for Your Webinar

Here are a few simple tips we recommend when setting up your webinar registration pages:

  1. Introduce presenters on the landing page, with brief bios that explain who they are and why they are experts on this topic.

  2. Include a summary of what the webinar will cover. Bullet points are best. Also creating and listing a dedicated Twitter hashtag for your event is recommended so people can tweet along during the meeting.

  3. Clearly list the date, time, and duration of the webinar along with a link either on the page or in the confirmation email that allows registrants to add the event to their calendars.

  4. Clearly explain when and how the webinar will be accessible. For instance, make it clear once they register they will receive a confirmation email for instance with the login details.

  5. Explain the value of your webinar. What will people be able to do after they leave your webinar that they weren’t able to prior to attending?

  6. Remind folks that the session is being recorded and that they will be given access to the archive as well after the event to share with colleagues.

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