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How to Promote Your Webcast Using Social Media

At V2, we have produced some extremely powerful online events. However, as the landscape of webcasting changes, we have seen a seismic shift in the rules of engagement. In the past, e-mail was always the primary medium for online event promotion and although this holds true today, social media promotion and integration is quickly gaining ground. Social media outlets offer a unique way to promote and add pizazz to your online event by transforming your webcast into a dynamic and engaging experience by increasing awareness through multiple avenues; it can also create an advantage over your competitors. Using social media also greatly increases marketing cost savings, and due to potentially driving larger audiences, increases potential revenue.

At V2, we integrate your webcasting efforts with social media outreach by:

  1. Showing you simple ways to use online video and social media in your webcasts (including Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn) before, during and after the  conference to drive viewership

  2. Using social media icons inside your webcast to facilitate attendee involvement, social sharing and event networking

  3. Converting your webcast to an easily consumed podcast or video file so it can be posted on sites like YouTube or Vimeo

  4. Sharing insights and guidelines on creating an appropriate webcast hashtag

  5. Creating social media specific links so you know which outlet your attendees came from

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