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Virtual Presentation Skills for Business Professionals

If you were unable to join us for this informative and engaging presentation, you can view the recording here. Roger shared some invaluable tips on presentation design and elements that keep the attention of your audience and prevent them from multi-tasking while viewing your online presentation. He also lists the 7 most common pitfalls made by online speakers, and how to avoid them.

Often our clients say that it can be challenging presenting online when you are used to speaking to people in person. Roger helps you take action in translating the things you do in an in-person presentation to an online one, and points out the differences and opportunities that can come from communicating to an audience in an online medium.

V2 will be hosting another webinar with Roger on December 15 at 11:00 am PT entitled: Webinar Strategy: Research-Based Ideas for Immediate Action. Register now and learn the following:

  1. Determine when webinars are – and are not – the right content channel

  2. 4 tactics for increasing registration rates

  3. How to get registrants to actually attend the live webinar

  4. 3 ways to improve the quality of content and sales-readiness of leads

Thanks again to Roger for imparting all his awesome knowledge. The V2 Crew looks forward to “seeing” you on our next webinar in December.

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