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Virtual Presenter Pre-Conference checklist

  1. Have a back-up of your slides – either a hard copy, or a soft copy saved to your desktop in the background that you can easily reference. This will give you peace of mind if you have any trouble with your internet connection. Hard copy is most fool proof – in case your computer shuts down because you forgot to install those updates! This way you still have a visual of your slides, but can have another colleague or your producer move slides for you as a back up.

  2. Grab a glass of water. This sounds pretty basic, but we always recommend this when we talk to new virtual presenters on rehearsals. Water or tea is best to clear your throat – did you know that milk in your coffee actually can create dry-mouth?

  3. Shut down your mobile phone – We recommend this not only so this isn’t buzzing or ringing in the background, but also so you don’t get distracted by checking your email. Same goes on your laptop or computer – shut down your email and all other applications you don’t need. This will keep you focused on the presentation at hand.

  4. Reboot your computer before logging in and presenting on any webcast. The morning of or even the day before we recommend this – that way if there are any updates that need to finish, etc., you won’t be caught with prompts in the middle of your presentation.

  5. Make sure you login to the webcast at least 30 minutes in advance. Whether a rookie or an all-star at virtual presentations, we do this on every single webcast we produce to ensure presenters can get connected, and can do audio checks, and make sure everything is set to go. This time will allow you to feel prepared and not rushing minutes before you are scheduled to begin.

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