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Instantly scale your virtual event team

ON24, Hopin (now Ring Central Events), Zoom, Notified (formerly Intrado, now BrandLive), Microsoft Teams, Webex, GoTo, & Adobe Connect make the tech; we wrangle the processes, people, and potential to make the tech work for you.

Call: +1.503.280.4511 or +1.855.286.3581

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Use Cases

Just "renting a room" doesn't make an event happen -- it's what you do with it. Virtual events work the same way -- your purpose or use case will guide process and technology choices. V2's expertise is handling details so you can breathe easier and focus on more strategic endeavors.

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How we help

Single point of contact

Everything falls on your shoulders and there isn't enough time to manage all the people and moving parts. At V2, you can trust a single point of contact to understand your goals, proactively anticipate your needs, and coordinate schedules, staffing, and technologies.

Right tech, right time

You want to deliver engaging attendee experiences, but you're stuck making what you have work or doing a lot of research and new learning. V2 specializes in making technology work for you -- whether it's a big one-time event or an ongoing program.

Trusted partnership

The one thing that doesn't change is change itself...which makes it hard to anticipate growth and evolution of your program. We make it easy with no pre-pay contracts, regular communication and reporting, and knowing that we don't win unless you win.

"We can trust them. They don’t let us down. They are solid."   Martina Murtagh, Arizent



Join Virtual Venues

V2 is growing and always on the lookout for the next key team member. We employ only experienced, elite-level producers with a demonstrated capacity to work with enterprise-level executives. Think you have what it takes? We'd love to hear from you. Send us your resume at:

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